The Carving: A Celebration of Womanhood in Stories and Skits.

The Carving The Carving provides a glimpse into the challenges and delights of a variety of women as told through poignant, often amusing short stories and skits. If we were on a trip to discover American womanhood in all its infinite variety, we might bus up and down the East Coast visiting cities, drive south stopping by farms and small towns, or travel west by train. In Judith White's collection of short fictional tales and skits, she invites us to meet our fellow travelers -- women of all ages and walks of life who share their stories of struggle, triumph, loss, and joy.

Selected Reviews |
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  • Don't Push My Buttons: "A credible story of a puzzle that lasts for decades with a mother walking a fine line between love for her daughters and hiding the awful truth."
  • Send us Help...Please: "This could be a fable that nuns tell the little ones - an example of faith in The Boss and a belief that prayers - even those delivered by phone through the intervention of a lost loved one - are always answered."
  • A Fantasy Life: "I was so involved, I couldn't stop reading for a minute. My husband came home, served himself dinner and I just kept reading. What a story!"