Autumns of Our Joy: A Memoir of Romance, Stem Cells, and Rebirth


memoirAfter thirty years of a joyful marriage filled with adventure, dedication, love, and laughter, Judith and Allen White receive a sudden life-threatening medical diagnosis, which is followed by an arduous struggle with doubt, fear, and anguish. With the help of a world-class medical team and the support of family and friends, they repeatedly rally and cope during a decade of uncertainty. Although it comes with no guarantee of restored health, hope eventually arrives in the form of an anonymous stem-cell donor. Eighteen months of post-Transplant exhaustion dealing with restricted mobility, food, and human contact takes its toll, but they persevere. When triumph over the disease finally appears complete and their dream of embracing the young donor is realized, Judith and Allen unexpectedly receive an additional gift - the promise of a life-long friendship with the donor’s family.

This is their story.


  • "A juxtaposition of the harrowing and hopeful, the horrific and the hilarious. Judith and Allen White have invented an informative and entertaining variant of the medical memoir genre."
  • "Throughout their decades-long struggle, Judith and Allen come through as delightful humans–emotional, caring, quirky, thoughtful, intelligent, sensitive, critical. I was crying through the final pages."
  • "A unique insight into one couple’s anxiety tempered by the positivity they brought to oppressive years of fighting for survival. I loved the ending, so natural, with the applause of 37,000 people a beautiful amplification of what each of their friends and relatives expressed individually."